Sunday, 31 July 2011

and we are back

Hi everybody, big apologies for being AWOL for a long time. The last few weeks have been eventful to say the least! And life is a little crazy right now.

Firstly, I take my hat of to all of you work at home mothers that have little ones and still find the time to work on your creations. Seriously I am in awe, HOW do you do it? I am struggling to find 30 mins to go on the computer. Right now, every spare second I have I am using to sleep!!!!!

So, what has been going on. On July 7, Aaliyah became a big sister to Hadassah Aubrey Faith. For those of you reading the name Hadassah and going .. WHAT THE>> Hadassah is a hebrew name meaning myrtle tree. Not overly significant, however back in biblical times, the myrtle tree was planted to show Gods faithfulness, it is also Esther from the bibles Hebrew name. I first came across the name in a Francine Rivers book around 10 years ago and fell in love :)

Just a quick recap of Hadassah birthday: After Aaliyahs traumatic delivery, I was very apprehensive about having miss H. Having had weeks of braxton hicks, when i started to feel stronger pains i wasnt overly concerned. They never got regular. I thought that the hospital was going to tell me to go home as I wasnt in established labour. She was born 7 minutes later!!! 2 pushes! Such a different experience to Aaliyah. I am still bummed I didnt get my epidural and Jose and my mum can assure you that I was VERY vocal about wanting an epidural from the second I stepped into the hospital! Recovery this time has been alot easier.

Now for my excuse as to why we have been AWOL: hadassah has reflux so she is either screaming or sleeping (a lot more screaming than sleeping at the moment). She also likes to party all night. And Aaliyah parties all day, so I am running on fumes. I know that this will pass and sleep will come once everything has settled down, but right now, if the girls are sleeping so am I! I just do not have the energy right now to be on the computer, updating and organising things, I am just to tired! I know that I need to start getting on top of fundraising etc but right now my priority is my girls and saving what precious little sanity I have left! Right now, Aaliyah is asleep and Hadassah is screaming the house down! Thank goodness its winter so the windows are closed, otherwise I think our neighbors would hate us.

Some brief points :

Hadassah passed her newborn hearing test

Aaliyah saw the paediatritian the other day, she is now on a preventer for her asthma (we spent 3 days in hospital at the end of june for it) and has cortisone ointment for her eczema. We have noticed a dramatic improvement for both since she has started treatment. He will review her again in 3 months.

Aaliyah has her hearing tested again on August 8. She is tolerating her hearing aid a little more now. Although we still have to battle to get it on, once its on she is leaving it alone for longer periods which is nice.

My cousin Adrian has offered to do a website for Aaliyah and will be up and running once I
get around to emailing him all of the info (yet another thing on my to do list, along with organising the online auction and the chocolate fundraisers.).

thank you to every one for being patient with us. Hopefully soon we will be back to some sort of normal and I can get back into things