Sunday, 2 September 2012

A mishmash of happenings

Hello, is anybody there??

I have to ask because I rarely write a post!!!!!

Life lately has gone on, full speed ahead. No rest in this household.

  • Aaliyah got a good report from her Auditory/Verbal Therapist. At 2 years 7 months she was talking and comprehending at a 3 years 8 months. To say we are proud is an understatement.
  • This winter has been hard, Aaliyah has had 3 admissions and 4 trips to ED, all for her asthma. It has been hard keeping this energetic toddler inside most days, I am so grateful that spring is finally here. We are already spending more time outdoors much to the delight of Aaliyah and Dass.
  • Her ENT confirmed that Aaliyah will continue to be frightened of sudden noises due to her inability to know which direction the sound is coming from. 
  • The annual microtia/atresia conference is happening in 2 weeks and we are excited to attend, learn more and spend time with other families with children just like our Lia. 
  • My Aunty Raewyn (in New Zealand) hosted a fundraising dinner for Aaliyah raising $3000! Thank you so much x
I have so much I want to write, want to say, but I have just finished writing a research paper and im still recovering from a virus so I am feeling a little uninspired at this time. Will hopefully write more in the coming days.