Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I cant believe all the support that Aaliyah is getting, it is truly nothing short of a miracle.

Today, my mothers butcher gave her $50 towards Aaliyahs operation. She has been going to the same butcher for years and always orders the same. She got talking to him about Aaliyah and he went out back and came back with the money.

Another person paid $105 for $8 worth of chocolates. BLESSED!!!

We are busy preparing for our market stall on December 4. Hillsong Church is having their Christmas Spectacular and are having a market area (as well as rides, entertainment etc) and through some connections (thanks Petter and Heidi ) we are now able to have a stall. We will be selling bunting, table runners, swing top/bloomer sets, hair clips, aprons (childrens and adults, including some parent/child sets). We will also be selling chocolates and have a donation jar set up. We are getting business cards made up with her details (including bank account) to hand out. So if you are in the brisbane Area, pop by and say Hi :) we would love to meet some of her supporters.