Saturday, 20 July 2013

There is so much I want to write about, to tell you all. 

About our wonderful support system, those that comfort me when I am ready to give up, our family and friends that have been their through it all. I want to tell you about the bitter sadness and disappointment we have felt when we have had our applications and pleas for funding knocked back and people that have said they would be there for us, seem to disappear when we have needed them the most. 

I want to tell you about have parenting a child with a hearing impairment has changed me, for the better. How hard, how rewarding it is. 

I want to tell you about how lost I feel about fundraising and yet so determined and blown away by the support and generosity of people near and far. 

I want to share with you how I feel about being a working mum and how hard I find it. I feel like it it makes me a second rate mum. Mostly due to tiredness, shift work really takes its toll on me. And nursing is not only physically draining but mentally and emotionally draining as well. 

I want to tell you that despite all the ups and downs, Aaliyah is thriving. She is busy, oh so busy, being three is very hard work you know!!!! Her and her sister fight like crazy but are the best of friends. 

I want to share with you more about Hadassah, our cheeky little monkey that has healed so many old wounds. 

I want to tell you how grateful I am for all of the love and support we have felt over the years. 

I want to share our next fundraising adventures with you, as well as recap some of our old. 

I want to tell you more about Microtia, and the amazing surgeons that are going to change our little girls life. 

But life has been busy. I have been tired. Overwhelmed. Feeling defeated. 

I do not go on the computer at all during the day, my priority lies with my girls.They do not attend daycare, so unless I am at work they are with me. And thats the way I like it. But it doesnt leave me much time to work on her fundraising during the day, Im flat out getting the housework done.  And the evenings seem to fly by, between working some evenings (or overnight), general clean up and folding the never ending baskets of laundry, I am left exhausted.

I need to get back to writing to the media/sports clubs/anyone that might help. I need to get back to blogging and spending time searching for more fundraising options and opportunities. No more excuses. Aaliyahs Journey is back. With a renewed determination. 

So watch this space. Big things are coming. I just know it x