Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Trivia Night Recap

Our night started of like a comedy of errors. We had 2 hours of set up time from when we had access to the hall until we were expecting our guests to arrive. We thought this would be plenty of time as this was the amount of time we had the last time and had spent the 30 minutes in the lead up sitting twiddling our thumbs. Alas it was not to be. Bringing the carloads of things needed took longer than expected, three of our helpers were sick and we also had a 3 year old and 21 month old running around!!!!!! 

Needless to say it was most definitely a last minute scramble to get things organised. But we did it. People started arriving, and it was then that we found out that all of the pens I had brought with me didnt work. So we had people registering with a colouring in pencil. I can giggle about it now, but on the night I was STRESSED to the eyeballs. Thankfully we had some wonderful people step up and help us out, and even though things didnt go quite to plan, the evening went quite well. 

It was so nice and so very humbling to meet some of the people that support our Aaliyah. People that we do not personally know but just felt compelled to help. We continue to be blown away by this. One lovely lady (Marguerite) had her church group fundraising for Aaliyah for the last year and handed over a cheque for $700!!!! Another came with a donation of 10 pass boot camp (thanks Dale and Ripple fitness). 

It was equally amazing to have some of our dear friends there. The ones that have been there for all our fundraisers. Always supporting us. We have been incredibly blessed by our wonderful friends. The age and stage that we are at at the moment means that most of our friends are either newly weds or have young families. We understand the sacrifices that some had to make to be able to be there to support us. 

We had over 110 trivia players. It was an amazing site, all there to support our Aaliyah. Just over $6500 was raised. An incredible amount. 

I asked people if they had a good time and they all seemed to, with many asking when the next trivia night will be, so that is always a good thing. The meat tray and fruit trays proved to be popular raffles. And a lot of laughter was heard throughout the evening. 

Thank you, to you all. Those that donated to the prizes/auction items/raffles. Those that bought tickets and attended the trivia. Those that put in hours baking and preparing for the night. And those that stayed behind to help clean up. 

Thank you to Simone for coming and sharing Chelsea's story. You are such an inspiration to me and I cannot put into words how much it meant to have you there to support us. 

We got home after midnight with two very overtired little girls and grateful heart. The end of our evening was even a comedy of errors, with both girls screaming the whole way home, and then poor Aaliyah wet her pants so we were taking out car seats and cleaning them at 1am!!!!! Life has a way of keeping us humble!

(Im sorry this post is a little later than I would have liked and a little all over the place, but Aaliyah has been battling asthma again (thanks to the cold change) and her sister Dass has a chest and throat infection, and I have been getting 2-3 hours sleep as a result, that and I have spent the last two evenings scrubbing my house as the newspaper photographer is coming tomorrow and its bringing out the perfectionist in me!!)